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Distributed Learning Technologies

RFC - Blackboard course load, Winter and Spring 2019

This is related to project 318642: Blackboard Course Load - Winter and Spring 2019

Based on unexpected delays during our last term load, we plan on a more regimented approach for loading Winter 2019 and Spring 2019.

- Post announcement in Blackboard
- Confirm scheduling with EAPP (begin sending snapshots at 5am 11/5)
- Create "termload" script
- Update cron schedule to stop running integration after 11/4
- Update cron schedule to run termload script on 11/5

- Termload script will generate feed files
- DLT will manually upload the generated files in this order: nodes, terms, courses, xlist_parents, xlist_children

- DLT will resume normal integration runs, starting with a full snapshot run
- First run will trigger a refresh of all data over the past week, including enrollments for Fall 2018, Winter 2019, and Spring 2019

More detail, including cron examples and shell commands, are available on github: