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Distributed Learning Technologies

May 3, 2018 : Assignment B2 update

Following update will be installed, Assignment B2 update (v.3200.0.5-rel.40+1d89df9)
The updated Assignment Building Block resolves the following:  
  •  Improved an issue causing users to see a message within the Inline Grading interface stating “This file is being converted. The estimated wait time is X seconds.” While significantly large (>10mb) files may still require a short amount of time to convert, the occurrences of this dialog will be significantly reduced. An improved explanation of how the settings relating to this function within the Assignments B2 has also be added  
  • Added the ability to configure a proxy server to work with the New Box View service  
  • Added logic to resend documents to New Box View if they fail to transmit due to connectivity issues