Distributed Learning Technologies

June 1, 2019: Blackboard and Kaltura Updates

Blackboard will be unavailable on Saturday, June 1st, between 12:30 AM and 8:30 AM, so that we can install several updates.

Blackboard Updates

  • Attendance tool built directly into Blackboard
  • Downloadable annotations in instructor grading and student grade views
  • Mobile grading via Blackboard Instructor mobile app
  • Allow additional attempt feature lets instructors grant one student one extra attempt on a test or assignment

More information about Blackboard attendance. 

More information about Blackboard’s mobile apps. 

Kaltura Updates

  • New automatic captioning system includes unified transcript widget
  • New browse, search, embed workflow for using videos in Blackboard
  • New webcam recorder supports all major browsers
  • New Personal Capture software for desktop recording

Please note that the previous desktop recording software, Capture Space, is being retired soon. Please uninstall Capture Space and download the new Personal Capture software.

More detail about these Kaltura changes. 

Full Details 

List of packages to be installed.



Blackboard Service Pack 

Q4 2018 CU4 

Kaltura B2 


Partner Cloud B2 


Turnitin B2 


WileyPlus B2 


What’s new in Partner Cloud B2 version 3500.3.1460

  • Support for the new Blackboard service pack
  • Support features for LinkedIn Learning migration
  • Fix an issue that affected course copies
  • Fix an issue that affected content discovery

What’s new in Turnitin B2 version 2.7.6

  • Support for the new Blackboard service pack
  • Fix an issue with iOS app syncing to grade center
  • Fix an issue with displaying grades of zero as if they were blank
  • Fix an issue with formatting of the Create Assignment page

What’s new in WileyPlus B2 version 2.1.201802545

  • Fix an issue with popups in calendar
  • Fix an issue with automatic grade sync and term availability
  • Fix an issue with grade center show/hide settings persistence