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Distributed Learning Technologies

April 18, 2019: McGraw-Hill Connect outage

Between 8:23 AM and 11:23 AM this morning, several users experienced the following error while attempting to interact with content that uses the McGraw-Hill Connect and Create B2 plugin:

"The McGraw-Hill service is currently not registered. Contact your system administrator for assistance."

This content is known by several brand names, including "McGraw-Hill Connect" and "LearnSmart".

During this 3-hour period, faculty and students would have encountered errors while trying to create assignments, submit assignments, or otherwise interact with McGraw-Hill Connect content.

While working with the vendor to troubleshoot an issue where Learn-Production and Learn-Staging had duplicated API keys, the vendor asked DLT to generate new API keys for the Staging environment. This had the side effect of invalidating our Production API keys, which unfortunately was not detected immediately by automated monitoring, vendor staff, or DLT staff. DLT has renewed the API keys on Staging and Production, which has restored normal operation for the McGraw-Hill plugin.