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Distributed Learning Technologies

March 9, 2017: Kaltura Mediaspace

Kaltura Version 2.53.2

What's new in version 2.53.2

Resolved Issues:

  • First finger touch doesn't work when controlBarContainer is hover
  • If playing more than one entry, the entry's thumbnail appears over DFP pre-roll
  • BE tagging support
  • Seek works only one time after changing media from 360 video to 360/simple video

Kaltura MediaSpace

  • Kaltura Mediaspace categories update 
  • Kaltura Mediaspace help link change 
  • Kaltura Mediaspace channels link in navigation menu 

MediaSpace media collections can be accessed through categories and channels.

Categories can be accessed through the Navigation icon and browse your content according to the categories they are contained in. Each category opens up the list of sub-categories that are pre-configured by your administrator.

Channel managers and site administrators may give users permission to perform specific actions in a channel. Channels can be accessed from the My Channels selection in the User menu. The My Channels page has a clear indication of all the information related to the channel including, the name, a thumbnail display of the last video added to the channel, total number of views, statistics, who is managing the channel, links to send email to and which categories the channel is associated with.