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Distributed Learning Technologies

Bb Predict

    Please Note: CSU Chico has discontinued support for Bb Predict as of August 2018.

    Blackboard Predict

    Over the past year, the CSU has engaged in a system-wide RFP on learning platforms and services (LPS). The decision to focus on learning platforms and services as opposed to just the Learning Management Systems (LMS) was made to recognize the increasing importance of a number tools that rely on the LMS to deliver educational resources to faculty and students. In general, a system-wide RFP is primarily a method to provide campuses aggressive pricing on products by using the CSU economies of scale size, and secondarily provide campuses a network for supporting and sharing resources about the product. With the new focus on increased graduation rates as part of the Graduation Initiative 2025, the use of data to impact and potentially predict learning (and failure) has become specially worthy of attention. As opposed to the other traditional sources of data used for analytics, the LMS data is the most “live” data, and offer the potential (assuming that the LMS is used in a consistent and appropriate manner to collect student learning data) of making timely intervention in students academic career. The CSU Office of the Chancellor, Academic Technology Services, in cooperation with CSU campuses, will support a structured means for campuses to develop and implement a strategy aimed at expanding the use of their LMS to generate, analyze and develop intervention processes in the teaching and learning environment based on the data that is stored in their LMS.

    Meeting Minutes

    Project Members

    Chancellor's Office

    Project Sponsor

    • Jean-Pierre R. Bayard, PhD
      Director of Systemwide Learning Technologies and Program Services
      CSU Academic Technology Services
    • Kathy Fernandes
      Senior Director of Systemwide Learning Design and Technology
      CSU Academic Technology Services

    Chico State

    Executive Sponsors

    • Debra Larson, Provost
    • Mike Schilling, CIO

    Steering Committee

    • Kaitlyn Baumgartner, Director of Advising (Chair)
    • Daniel Parks, Registrar (Co-Chair)
    • Bill Loker, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Programs
    • Andy Miller, Associate Vice Provost of Information Resources
    • Todd Gibson, Faculty Lead in Computer Science
    • Lisa Kendhammer, Faculty Lead in Chemistry
    • Ellen Ertle, Faculty Lead in Political Science
    • Chiara Ferrari, Faculty Lead in Media Arts, Design, and Technology

    PM/Co-Lab Coordinator

    • David Rowe, DLT Manager

    Additional Team Members

    • Kelly McGregor, Advisor
    • Robert Utter, DLT System Admin
    • Jim Aird, TLP Instructional Designer
    • Robin Donatello, Assistant Professor in Mathematics & Statistics
    • Beth Kissinger, EAPPS Director
    • Nicol Gray, VPAP Curriculum Coordinator

    Draft Timeline

    Initial phase

    • March 2017: Project kickoff.
    • July 2017: Go-live.

    Fall 2017 term

    • August 16, 2017: Paid kickoff lunch workshop with team members and faculty, one week before semester starts.
    • Ongoing: Support and consultation with faculty on what is working well.
    • November 2017: Distribute survey on tool usage to faculty and collect them for a debrief on first-semester implementation. Make adjustments to course plan based on faculty feedback.

    Spring 2018 term

    • January 2018: Publish and distribute revised implementation plan. Jim will be available for virtual and in-person setup.
    • Ongoing: Support and consultation with faculty on what is working well.
    • May 2018: Distribute survey on tool usage to faculty and collect them for a debrief on second-semester implementation.
    • June 2018: Make a decision about future of project.

    Chico Goals

    1. To reduce D, F, W, U & I grades in the high challenge/bottleneck courses using learning analytics.
    2. To assess the usefulness of Blackboard Predict ("Bb Predict") as an “early warning system” for identifying students in academic difficulty.
    3. To work with faculty, faculty advisors, and staff (academic advisors) to assess receptivity to this approach and processes and the work needed for its effective deployment.
    4. Explore student lens, capturing student feedback on the value of the tool in helping students achieve their goals.
    5. Empower faculty with course data to support enhanced teaching and learning.