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Distributed Learning Technologies

May 2020 Zoom updates

New Zoom 5.0 client for all users. Password requirements for meetings. Waiting rooms optional.

Instruction has transitioned into an online environment where the security of virtual interactions is paramount. With that in mind, here are some updates coming to Zoom.

Zoom 5.0 is here! On 5/30/2020, Zoom will require the updated client in order to join meetings, so that it can support a stronger encryption standard. State-owned computers should receive updates automatically on a regular basis. If you are on a personal device, download the update.

New Zoom-Bb Learn integration. On 5/26/2020, there will be a new and improved Zoom integration in Blackboard that provides a more flexible first-time setup in each course and enables you to set options for scheduled meetings.  Watch this 3 minute video tutorial: Scheduling a Zoom Meeting in Blackboard Learn, or view the step-by-step instructions (Google Doc) (Google Doc)

Passwords automatically generated for Zoom meetings. On 5/26/2020, Zoom meetings will require passwords. Zoom automatically generates a random password for new meetings (or you can set your own), and that password will be included in meeting invites and Bb Learn links. 

Waiting rooms. With the increased security of meeting passwords, we will no longer require waiting rooms by default. They are still potentially useful for avoiding interruptions in office hours, virtual helpdesk, or any meeting where the invite is available to the public.

Updated permissions for meeting participants. On 5/26/2020, meeting settings will be initially disabled for some features for improved security by default: annotation of screen sharing by participants, auto saving chats, ability for participants to rename themselves. Users who rely on these features can modify their own Zoom profile settings (Google Doc) (Google Doc) before launching their meeting. 

Help! How do I use Zoom? TLP offers training and support for faculty using Zoom, includingwebinars for first-time users and advanced settings.