Dream Center

Chico State UndocuAlly Trainings

UndocuAlly Training

The Chico State Dream Center offers a 2-hour introductory training that covers laws and policies affecting undocumented youth, needs and challenges of immigrant students and families, and ways to foster inclusive environments at Chico State. This training is open to Chico State staff, faculty, and administrators.

Spring 2024 Training:

CSU Training Course-Becoming an Ally to the Undocumented Community

Whether you're a faculty member, staff employee, administrator, or volunteer, you directly contribute to the success of our undocumented community. You will learn how to better serve and support our undocumented community and build a culture that acknowledges, integrates, and accepts those from diverse backgrounds.

CSU Learn Training:

Note: The CSU Learn training does not replace Chico State's in-person UndocuAlly training.

Chico State Dream Ally Register
The Chico State Dream Ally Register is a list of faculty, staff, and administrators who have completed the Chico State UndocuAlly Training. Our goal is to create a community of campus individuals who are dedicated to supporting undocumented, AB 540, and mixed-status family students on our campus.

More Information and Questions

Please contact Joara Jimenez
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