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CSU, Chico Scholarships

California State University, Chico provides scholarship awards to eligible students, and AB 540 students are encouraged to apply. See CSU, Chico Scholarships for more information.

For more information on CSU, Chico scholarships, please contact:

Financial Aid and Scholarship Office
SSC 250
Campus Zip 0705

Private Scholarships without Citizenship Requirements

Eligible AB 540 students should apply for private scholarships that do not require legal permanent residency, social security number, or U.S. citizenship.

Scholarships do not have to be repaid, and are funded from a variety of sources including community organizations, local and national foundations, state and federal government agencies, and private donors. Consult the following organizations and ask a school counselor for referrals.

Please note that all scholarship programs have specific eligibility requirements and deadlines. Read and follow directions carefully.

Private Scholarship Resources

Please note, not all of the scholarships listed on these websites are for AB 540 students. Many scholarships are only available to California residents. Please read the eligibility requirements carefully before applying.

You will find further sources for private scholarships and tips on how to use scholarship database searches at the External Scholarships page on the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office website.