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Webinars Presented in 2020

Embracing You: The Power of Acceptance(opens in new window)

Discover how to avoid overly critical thinking, embrace you as you, and value acceptance in daily living.

Get Motivated!(opens in new window)

You set goals and then you procrastinate. You create a to-do list but then you don't follow through. Sound familiar? If you’ve been caught in this cycle, make a commitment to finding your purpose...NOW!

Waving Worry Goodbye: Strategies to Manage Anxiety (opens in new window)

Assess your personal anxiety and learn about how specific behavior practices may increase relaxation and calm.

Organization for Life(opens in new window)

This training will equip you with practical tips to overhaul or enhance your organization skills.

Coping with Loss in Life(opens in new window)

Learn about the experience of grieving, as well as coping resources to utilize during times of loss.

Chronic Illness and Stress(opens in new window)

Chronic illness impacts all aspects of a person’s health — physical, mental and emotional. Learn how to manage the stress of your own or a loved one’s chronic illness.

Combating Perfectionism(opens in new window)

Learn ways to maintain high expectations for yourself without falling prey to the negative impacts of perfectionism.

Managing Chronic Pain(opens in new window)

Chronic pain has an impact on daily life. Learn the dynamics of chronic pain and management options such as mindfulness and cognitive restructuring.

The Importance of an LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Workplace(opens in new window)

Strategies for understanding diversity in the workplace and being inclusive to LGBTQIA+ colleagues.

Helping Children Cope with Grief and Loss(opens in new window)

The death or loss of a loved one is always difficult. While we can’t protect our children from the pain of loss, we can help them build healthy coping skills.

Fundamentals of Mental Health(opens in new window)

Learn about the fundamentals of mental health, along with proven methods for enhancing your mental wellness.

Strategies to Manage Frustration and Anger(opens in new window)

Everyone experiences anger and frustration. While these emotions are natural, sometimes our reactions can be unhealthy or hurtful. Understand the true cost of ongoing frustration and anger and find out how best to express these emotions.

Taking the High Road: Kindness and Civility

A kind workplace leads to reduced stress, increased morale, and better business outcomes. Discover methods for enhancing your level of kindness and respect in interpersonal relationships.

Finding Peace in the Chaos(opens in new window)

“Peace” isnt’t about avoiding noise, conflict or hard work. This session will provide tips for maintaining composure during moments of challenge or stress.

Cultivating Happiness Within Yourself(opens in new window)

Learn simple yet powerful tips for cultivating happiness.

Enhancing Your Personal Safety(opens in new window)

Understand the four pillars of personal safety: awareness, knowledge, intuition/instincts, and strategy, and how to enhance them in your daily life.