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Enhancing Your Personal Safety (live employee session) - Wednesday, January 22

Understand the four pillars of personal safety: awareness, knowledge, intuition/instincts, and strategy, and how to enhance them in your daily life.

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If you are unable to attend the live webinar, it will be available in the WorkLife Balance Webinar archives(opens in new window) in February.

Mindful Meal Planning

Presented by Christine Luken (PDF)

Most of us would like to eat healthier, but cost can be a major deterrent. By investing a small amount of time and effort in Mindful Meal Planning(opens in new window), you can easily save 30 percent on your family's food bill. In this fun and informative workshop, you will learn how the simple strategies of meal planning can save them time, stress, and money when it comes eating healthy. Topics covered include: Meal Planning Basics, Why Your Freezer is Your Best Friend, Time Saving Food Prep Tips, and Save Money While Eating Healthy.