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Webinars in 2021

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If you are unable to attend the live webinar, it will be available in the WorkLife Balance Webinar archives(opens in new window). View Webinar Archive for 2020 for direct links to webinars presented in 2020.


Finding "Silver Linings" and Building Resilience, Jan 14 & 25

As 2020 comes to a close, it's a perfect time to reflect. In the midst of some of the biggest challenges our world has ever faced, what about you? What have you discovered about yourself? What "silver linings" might you have uncovered this year? Have you re-prioritized your life, found creative ways to stay physically active or new coping strategies that you'd never tried before? This session will focus on hidden treasures uncovered during COVID-19 and ways to continue to build resilience as we roll into 2021.

Register for Live Webinar, January 14, 2021, Thursday, 10-11 AM PT, provided by LifeMatters.

Register for Live Webinar, January 25, 2021, Monday, 2-3 PM PT | 4-5 PM CST, provided by LifeMatters.

Cultivating Calm - Wednesday, January 20

In today’s world, feeling stress, pressure and chaos can seem normal — but it doesn't have to be. Everyone has the ability to develop a capacity for peace, serenity, and calm. Learn how to develop healthier habits to find more calm in life.

If you are unable to attend the live webinar, it will be available in the WorkLife Balance Webinar archives(opens in new window) in February.


Finding Success at Work with Humor

Humor can be a powerful and effective mechanism for coping with the chaos of everyday life. Learn how to find the humor in pressure situations and how it can be used to help manage stress. Available as a pre-recorded webinar(opens in new window).

Promoting Wellness in the Workplace - Webinar for Managers

Learn to to create a culture of wellness and take a proactive role in promoting a healthy and productive workplace. Available as a pre-recorded webinar in February.

Parenting in a Pandemic - Wednesday, February 10

Challenges for parents abound in this COVID-19 world. Parents have been thrust into uncharted waters as they try to not only remain valued employees but help navigate their children's education and social and emotional well-being. This session will focus on helping parents more successfully navigate all that is before them.

Register for Live Webinar(opens in new window), February 10, 2021, Wednesday, 10-11 AM PT, provided by LifeMatters.

Blocking Burnout - Wednesday, February 17

Learn how to detect burnout triggers and discover ways to regain enthusiasm at work and at home by becoming more conscious of your needs and motivators.


Work-life Harmony - Wednesday, March 17

Our lives are busy, and different responsibilities can pull us in many directions. In this session, learn how to flow with responsibilities to find the harmony and happiness in your life.


Substance Use and Your Loved Ones - Wednesday, April 21

When someone you love struggles with addiction, it’s important to know you are not alone and also to take care of yourself. Start with learning more about what addiction is, symptoms of drug use, withdrawal symptoms, and more. Understanding more about this chronic brain disease will help you process and cope in a healthy way.


Constructive Criticism

Learn appropriate, effective ways to give and take feedback. Available as a pre-recorded webinar in May(opens in new window)

Overcoming Loneliness - Wednesday, May 19

At some point in life, most people will feel emotionally or physically disconnected from others. Learn how to recognize this normal reaction, address feelings of loneliness, and rebuild connections.

Building Rapport: One of the Essential People Skills - Webinar for Managers

With some people, rapport is immediate. With others, it builds over time. Learn how to develop rapport with colleagues and employees. Available as a pre-recorded webinar in May.


Finding Focus - Wednesday, June 16

Focus can be an elusive thing. Multitasking, procrastination, and distractions make it difficult for us to send all our attention in one direction. Learn tricks to overcome common focus barriers.


Raising Awareness: Mental Health and Minorities - Wednesday, July 14

Access to mental health care is sometimes more difficult for minorities. Learn about the challenges minority groups face and ways to combat misinformation about mental health conditions.


Enhance Your Memory

Learn useful strategies for improving memory that can be used at home and at work. Available as a pre-recorded webinar(opens in new window).

Emotional Wellbeing for Parents - Wednesday, August 18

Parenting is difficult. Change is constant, days are long, and reality never looks like social media. Learn how to manage your expectations, treat yourself with kindness, and find confidence in doing the next right thing.

Culture of Trust - Webinar for Managers

Identify barriers to trust and strategies to build and maintain more trusting relationships in your organization. Available as a pre-recorded webinar in August.


Suicide Awareness - Wednesday, September 15

Suicide is a serious public health issue that affects people of all ages and situations. In this session, learn to identify early warning signs, support those at risk, and receive guidance on how to respond proactively and proficiently.


Intimate Partner Violence Awareness - Wednesday, October 13

Intimate partner violence occurs in every culture, country, age group, and social-economic level. Learn the types of intimate partner violence, warning signs, and resources available to those impacted by it.



Tips for overcoming procrastination and removing roadblocks to productivity. Available as a pre-recorded webinar(opens in new window) in November.

Thriving in Uncertainty - Wednesday, November 10

The unknown is a scary thing. It can be difficult to plan or figure out what to do next. Discover how to embrace uncertainty and navigate it with poise and resiliency.

Paving the Innovation Trail - Webinar for Managers

Creative thinking and innovation drive today's workplace. Learn ways to harness out-of-the-box thinking and move beyond the expected. Available as a pre-recorded webinar in November.


The Art of Listening - Monday, December 13

Learn how to listen actively and respond thoughtfully for better communication and understanding.