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Protecting Our Precious Lives: Cancer Awareness

Live Webinar - 10/18/2016 (Tues)
Two options: 9-10AM or 12-1PM


This webinar examines the steps we each have to take toward becoming healthier, with a focus on prevention as the ultimate goal. We’ll round out the session with a discussion of breast, ovarian, prostate and other cancer risk factors to consider; self-care strategies; and what we can do to empower ourselves to make positive lifestyle choices. View flyer for more information.

To Access Webinar

• Go to and follow the directions on that page. Please sign in with your company password.  (Managers add a 2 after your company password.)
• For live webinars, click on the link for the webinar you would like to attend and follow the registration instructions. You must register prior to the start of the webinar to attend.
• Transcripts for non-captioned, archived webinars are available upon request.