Employee Assistance Program


Off-Site (Local) Counseling

  1. Prepare. Before calling, make sure you're in a place you can speak confidentially and at length.
  2. Phone. Contact the Benefits office at 530-898-5436 to get the LifeMatters/Empathia Help Line number and password.  This phone line is available 24 hours a day. Dependents (up to age 26) and household members can also call.
  3. Intake. A LifeMatters/Empathia counselor will intake some initial information about you over the phone and discuss the situation in order to determine appropriate options.
    • Choice. LifeMatters/Empathia will research who in your area can provide pertinent counseling. When possible, they will provide a list of names from which you select a counselor.
  4. Referral. LifeMatters/Empathia will contact the counselor to set up a 'referral' on your behalf (authorizing 3 counseling sessions).
  5. Contact. Call the counselor to setup an appointment and explain that you have been referred to them through LifeMatters.
  6. Feedback. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your experience with the counselor or process, have trouble getting an appointment with your selected counselor, or want to change EAP counselors, please call the LifeMatters/Empathia Help Line at 1-800-367-7474 and share your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

(Regarding Empathia's LifeMatters Counseling Services)

Question: Do I pay a Fee?

Answer: The program includes three (3) sessions with a contracted counselor at no cost to the employee.

Question: What if I feel I need more sessions?

Answer: After three (3) visits if it is determined more counseling or assistance would be beneficial, the counselor may provide a referral to another counseling service or other resources.

Question: Do I pay for these additional services/resources?

Answer: Yes, the decision to seek outside services and any subsequent fees are the client's decision and responsibility. Check with the new provider if they accept your medical insurance.

Question: Are counseling services available for family members?

Answer: Yes, the EAP provides three (3) sessions for employee's immediate family members. Please view the information regarding eligibility. If it is determined more counseling or assistance would be beneficial the counselor will provide a referral to another counseling service or other resources.

More detailed information is available in the Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form (PDF).