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Early Assessment Program

EAP Transition FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding EAP and California's New K-12 Testing System

Is there a cost to the district or school for EAP in 2014?

No, for districts providing an opportunity for their students to learn their college readiness status and possibly earn an exemption from the ELM/EPT and Early Start, there will be no costs for administering the EAP in 2014. As in previous years, test materials will need to be ordered by December 1, 2013, for the spring 2014 administration. For more information please contact ETS at Skype 1-800-955-2954 or by email at

Are the ELA and Mathematics CSTs the only CSTs that are being administered in 2014?

In grade eleven, the only CSTs being administered are those which include EAP—ELA, Algebra 2 and Summative High School Mathematics.

How do districts order the test?

Tests should be ordered through ETS using the same process and system as in previous years. Please note: the tests are to be ordered by December 1, 2013, for the spring 2014 administration.

Will students get the results sooner since fewer students will be testing in the CST in 2014?

It is expected that the EAP results will be provided in mid-August as in previous years. The multiple-choice testing will continue to take place when 85 percent of the school year is completed, so the reporting schedule will remain unchanged.

How will students receive their EAP results?

For 2014, students will get their EAP results by direct mail. Effective in 2015, students will get their results in the same way, by direct mail, along with the results of the new Smarter Balanced assessment system. They also will be able to access results online.

Will grade 11 students be required to participate in the SBAC Field Test?

Yes, students who are selected for the scientific sample will be required to participate in the spring 2014 Smarter Balanced Field Test for ELA and mathematics. This means that some grade 11 students could potentially take the ELA and/or mathematics tests required for EAP and one subject of the Smarter Balanced Field Test. Though we do not want to burden grade 11 students, the success of the field test and the future of the EAP rely on student participation.

What must students do to meet the conditional status requirements in English Language Arts and/or mathematics?

They must complete a qualifying senior year experience. Please refer to CSU Success(opens in new window) for qualifying experiences in English and mathematics.

Can students take the ERWC in the summer before their senior year and fulfill the conditional status requirement?

No, students who receive a ready conditional status in English must satisfactorily complete the year-long class during the 12th grade to fulfill the terms of their exemption.

If a student is in geometry in the 11th grade and has not yet taken Algebra II, can he/ she participate in the math EAP in spring 2014?

No, EAP mathematics is only available to students who are in the process of completing Algebra II or above and are eligible for the Algebra II CST or the Summative High School  mathematics CST by 11th grade.

Do students still need to complete the essay in 2014?

Yes, students being assessed in spring 2014 will need to take the essay portion of the assessment during the February-to-March testing window. After spring 2014, it is anticipated that the essay will be incorporated into the regular administration of SBAC.

Do students take the essay assessment separate from the ELA test?

Yes, the essay will be administered separately from the ELA test in 2014 as it has been in the past. The spring 2014 essay window will be February and March. Beginning with the spring 2015 administration, the essay will be incorporated into the regular administration of SBAC.

What is the testing window for the essay in 2014?

The essay testing window will be during February and March 2014.

If the tests are not ordered by December 1, 2013, what will happens?

The December 1 ordering deadline is set to ensure sufficient testing materials are available to test all students. It may be possible to place orders past that date; however, test materials may be limited.

Do all students need to take the test or just the ones who will be applying to the CSU?

We recommend that all juniors who may be considering applying to the CSU and/or community colleges take the EAP in mathematics and English Language Arts in spring 2014. The CSU encourages all students to participate regardless of future college plans.

Will you be extending the testing window to accommodate the field testing?

Yes, CDE has agreed to extend the testing window to accommodate the EAP essay. The EAP essay will be administered during February and March.

Will the CSU continue to provide professional development for high school teachers?

Yes, the CSU will continue to provide the Strengthening Mathematics Instruction (SMI) workshops and training on implementing the Expository Reading and Writing Courses (ERWC).

Do students need to take both the ELA and mathematics exams to receive an EAP status?

No, but it is strongly recommended that each student participate in both the ELA and mathematics exams if they are eligible.

Will schools receive data from the EAP 2014 administration?

As in previous years, schools will receive a CD with data and EAP results for all their students. In addition, the EAP website with state, county, district and school-wide aggregate data by category and sub-groups also will be available with 2014 EAP results.

Are EAP results used for admission to the CSU?

No, EAP results have not been used for admission to the CSU. This policy remains in effect.