Early Assessment Program

Teacher Professional Development

Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC)

The Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) is a rigorous, full-year college-preparatory English course for high school seniors. Approved to satisfy college eligibility requirements by the University of California and the California State University since 2006, it has been adopted by over 950 high schools in California. Designed to increase preparation in English for CA’s diverse students, the ERWC is a key component of the CSU’s Early Assessment Program (EAP), which supports academic preparation for student’s college-level English and mathematics based on CA State testing through the CAASPP/SBAC.

For additional information, please contact Athena Murphy (EAP English Coordinator/ERWC trainer/CSU English Faculty) at amurphy21@csuchico.edu


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Center for the Advancement of Instruction in Quantitative Reasoning (CAIQR)

The Center for the Advancement of Instruction in Quantitative Reasoning (CAIQR) was established by the Office of the Chancellor in Fall 2016 as recommended by the Academic Senate of the California State University  Quantitative Reasoning Task Force (QRTF).  CAIQR is tasked to continuously support the high-quality instruction and curriculum in the high schools, community colleges, and public universities that will better serve the state of California and the U.S.  It also will highlight strategies to enhance the skills of CSU students in quantitative reasoning that they will rely on after graduation.  


CSU - Created Mathematics Curriculum (CSU, Sacramento)

Transition to Quantitative Reasoning (TQR)

This course provides a pathway for students who may not be interested in pursuing a STEM and/or math intensive major and would typically not take math their senior year. "G-Mathematics Elective" Approved

Quantiative Reasoning with Advanced Mathematical Topics (QRAT)

This course is intended for students who are not ready for or not interested in the Pre-Calculus or Calculus pathway their senior year but still want to continue developing their mathematical knowledge and challenge their math skills while preparing for attendance at a CSU or UC. "C-Advanced Mathematics" Approved

These two courses are available for virtual trainings starting spring 2021 by your Chico State EAP Team.  Detailed information about these courses can be found here.(opens in new window)

For additional information, please contact Brian Lindaman (EAP Math Coordinator/TQR trainer/CSU Mathematics Education Faculty) at blindaman@csuchico.edu

The CSU Bridge Courses are approved mathematics/QR courses and projects within the California State University (CSU) focused on supporting mathematics and quantitative reasoning readiness among K-12, CSU, and community college educators. The projects in the CSU focus on (a) principles in preparing teachers for 12th-grade mathematics and/or quantitative reasoning, (b) content and pedagogical practices, (c) topics in mathematics and quantitative reasoning that develop and address K-12, community college, and CSU requirements.