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COVID-19 Impacts on CSU Admissions Academic Years 2021-2023

COVID-19 Interim Impacts on CSU Undergraduate Admissions Policies and Practices (PDF)

Standardized Testing Under Scrutiny (PDF)

CSU Student Success(opens in new window)

The California State University (CSU) is Committed to Student Success from High School Preparation to College Graduation

The CSU has transformed academic preparation in an effort to provide all first-time freshmen the opportunity and support needed to be successful in college-level coursework. This website provides guidance on new approaches to assessment, placement in General Education (GE) English and math/quantitative reasoning courses, and the Early Start Program.

The CSU Student Success website has been redesigned to help answer questions for students and families, and also for counselors and educators. You can find detail to better understand academic preparation, dates, and deadlines, and you can estimate your placement for math and English.

The Academic Preparation Brochure (PDF), otherwise known as the Junior Flyer is another good source.