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The Change and Portfolio Management (CPM) team works with project sponsors and stakeholders to define and deliver information technology services and solutions in alignment with the university’s goals(opens in new window) and priorities. The team also engages with campus about IT-related activities via multiple communication channels to help ensure information and feedback are current and relevant. 

Enterprise Applications Projects

Enterprise Applications defines a project as a temporary, organized effort to complete a set of work to deliver new products or services. Projects must have a defined start and end date. This is in contrast to operations, which are ongoing, repetitive, day-to-day work which yields the same outcomes, product or service. Operations have no start and end date. Projects often include one or more of the following attributes:

  • No existing functionality to leverage
  • Major impact to a wide audience
  • Major architectural changes required 
  • Multiple dependencies across multiple teams
  • No precedents exist for the work, or no experience on the team
  • Involves new technologies
  • 30 or more hours to complete

Campus employees can submit projects requests throughout the year. Project prioritization, approval, and scheduling occurs throughout the year. More information about the process and how to submit a project request can be found here. You can also review currently active projects.

If you're unsure if whether your request qualifies as a project, talk to your regular Enterprise Applications (EAPP) contact. If you don't have a regular EAPP Contact, you can submit a support request and someone from the CPM team will contact you to help determine the best path forward with your request.

If your request involves acquiring a new software application, please follow the IT Procurement Review (ITPR) procedures.

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