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Kaltura is currently used within BbLearn at CSU Chico, allowing students and instructors to easily upload and share video content.

Kaltura vendor status page


MediaSpace: https://media.csuchico.edu

MediaSpace is a video hosting service, similar to YouTube or Vimeo, that will allow instructors and staff to manage and share all of their video content in one place. Whether they're on a desktop computer or a mobile device, users can easily create, upload, share, search, browse, and watch videos.

By hosting video content in Kaltura, students and staff can avoid impacting the storage needs of other systems on campus, with the added benefit that their videos will automatically be transcoded for a superior viewing experience across a wide variety of devices.

DLT is working with other departments to investigate best practices for management of various channels, playlists, and other features that faculty, staff, and departments may need.


CaptureSpace knowledge base on Kaltura website.(opens in new window)

CaptureSpace is premiere lecture capture software, with support to include multiple video feeds such as one or more webcams, room cameras, screen shares, and more. Any presentation can be captured, including full classroom experiences in CSU Chico's  origination rooms.

Instructors (or other presenters) can capture up to three video feeds, synchronized with a PowerPoint presentation or on-screen demo.

Students (or other viewers) can navigate through the presentation, with all feeds and presentations kept in sync.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming support(opens in new window)

For events that will be streamed live to an online audience, Kaltura's Live Streaming offers support for cloud-based transcoding, real-time analytics, live captioning, instant archival and clip editing, and more.

A cloud-based streaming solution can offer support for a wider variety of users, whether they're on a desktop computer with broadband internet or on a mobile phone that's downloading at trickle speed.

Simple editing tools allow you to grab clips from live events, even while the event is still in progress.

Reach Machine Transcription

Since Summer 2016, videos uploaded to Kaltura receive automated closed captioning.

Improved accessibility benefits all students, who can view closed captions and search for videos based on caption content. A new video player, coming soon, will provide additional features including searchable transcripts that sync with the video being played.

As Kaltura  describes this service(opens in new window), "Every classroom video experience benefits from captioning and transcription through increased video accessibility, enhanced learning retention, richer user engagement, in video and across library search."

Currently, only English-language videos are supported. If the machine transcription service produces erroneous captions, faculty can  submit a ticket(opens in new window) to request assistance from the Office of Accessible Technology and Services.

A separate project is investigating options to caption pre-existing videos.