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PeopleSoft Instance Management

    When accessing both Campus Solutions (CS) and Human Resources (HR) PeopleSoft instances at the same time, it is recommended to use different browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox side-by-side, instead of using separate tabs within one browser.

    PeopleSoft Campus Solutions instances
    InstanceLast PRD Data RefreshMP VersionPT VersionNext Scheduled RefreshHP VersionsCurrent Use
    CCHIPRD(opens in new window)CS Production14.00 8.57.11HCX   21.1.1  Auto  21.1.0  CA     20.4.1  DP     21.1.1  MC    21.1.0  SB     21.1.0Campus Solutions Production Data
    CACHISTG(opens in new window)04/06/202114.00 8.57.1104/13/2021HCX   21.1.1  Auto  21.1.0  CA     20.4.1  DP     21.1.1  MC    21.1.0  SB     21.1.0Latest refresh from CCHIPRD, HighPoint
    CACHITST(opens in new window)03/24/202014.00 8.57.11 HCX   21.1.1  Auto  21.1.0  CA     20.4.1  DP     21.1.1  MC    21.1.0  SB     21.1.0Latest MPs, Multi-Factor Admissions Score, HighPoint
    CACHIDVL(opens in new window)10/22/202014.00 8.57.11HCX   20.3.3  Auto  20.1.0  CA     19.4.0  DP     20.3.2  MC    20.2.0  SB     20.3.2Grade Change
    CACHIPRJ(opens in new window)03/24/202114.00 8.57.11HCX   21.1.1  Auto  21.1.0  CA     20.4.1  DP     21.1.1  MC    21.1.0  SB     21.1.0HighPoint
    CACHITRN(opens in new window)01/21/202114.00 8.57.11HCX   20.3.3  Auto  20.1.0  CA     19.4.0  DP     20.3.2  MC    20.2.0  SB     20.3.2Latest MPs
    PeopleSoft Human Resources instances
    InstanceLast PRD Data RefreshMP VersionPT VersionNext Scheduled RefreshCurrent Use
    HCHIPRDHR Production14.008.57.11Human Resources Production Data
    HACHISTG(opens in new window)04/06/202114.008.57.1104/13/2021Latest refresh from HCHIPRD
    HACHITST(opens in new window)03/24/202114.008.57.11Latest MPs
    HACHIDVL(opens in new window)03/12/202114.008.57.11PageUp
    HACHIPRJ(opens in new window)03/24/202114.008.57.11
    HACHITRN(opens in new window)01/21/202114.008.57.11HR training
    PeopleSoft Finance instances
    CFS(opens in new window)Common Financial System

    FCFSPRD: MP Version 4.0, PT Version 8.57.11

    FDW(opens in new window)Finance Data Warehouse
    Maintenance Pack installs
    MP/UMPCS 9.2HR 9.0ReleaseTesting InstanceProduction InstallNotes
    13.00XX09/04/2020C/HBCHITST10/13/2020Major MP, various HR and CS fixes


    12/08/2020Oracle Financial Aid Regs 1 Critical Fix for 2021-2022, Cal ISIR Annual Updates


    12/08/2020Multi-Factor Admissions Score (MFAS) final project


    01/12/2021Various CS and HR fixes


    04/13/2021Various CS and HR fixes


    FA fixes

    Proposed Timeline for MP 15 (PUM 20) and HP Releases:

    3/24 (Wednesday):   Clone TST and PRJ from PRD

    3/25 (Thursday):      TST - MP 15 (PUM 20) and HP Updates for MP 15 (PUM 20)

    3/31 (Wednesday):   Campus Closed

    4/7 (Wednesday):    STG - MP 15 and HP Updates for MP 15

                                            TST - HP Updates (New Releases)

                                            TST - MP 15.01

    4/13 (Tuesday):       PRD - MP 15 and HP Updates for MP 15

    4/14 (Wednesday):  STG - HP Updates (New Releases)

    4/20 (Tuesday):       PRD - HP Updates (New Releases)

    Non-Baseline Posting: 

    Textbook Upload Message Set: Issue Description – Due to a conflict with the Veteran Benefits modification, CMS is moving messages for Textbook Upload process from 30520, messages 1 and 2, to a new message catalog set, 30521, and updating code to point to new message set. Released on 3/1.

    CMS Data Center Maintenance

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