Enterprise Applications


DAWGS is a group of CMS functional and technical leads that provides governance and collaboration on Chico's CMS applications.  The DAWGS meet every other Thursday, and on an ad hoc basis, to plan instance management, operations, projects and other critical issues.  The DAWGS manage their business process guides and other documentation in their Sharepoint site(opens in new window).

DAWGS includes representatives from various teams, including:

  • Academic Advising Programs (AAP)
  • Office of Admissions (ADMS)
  • Campus Community
  • Classroom Resources
  • Enterprise Applications (EAPP)
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Office (FA)
  • Financial Services (FIN)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Student Administration User Group (SAUG)
  • Information Security (ISEC)
  • Student Financials (SFIN)
  • Student Records (REGS)
  • CMS Technical User Group (TUG)

DAWGS meeting notes

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