Enterprise Applications

2017 Enterprise Training Collaborative Meetings

The Enterprise Training Collab meets once per month to discuss maintenance, support, and projects relating to the Development and Training System (DTS).

The board includes representatives from several departments, including:

  • Distributed Learning Technologies (DLT)
  • Professional Development (PDEV)
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
  • Facilities Management & Services (FMS)
  • Information Security (ISEC)
  • Creative Media and Technology (CMT)
  • Enterprise Applications (EAPP)
  • Office of Accessible Technology and Services (OATS)
  • Research Foundation (FD)
  • Associated Students Human Resources (ASHR)

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Agendas and meeting notes

December 20, 2017

Ongoing Items

  1. POI load update (Robert)
  2. Rescheduled meeting time (Robert)

Discussion Items

  1. Flash content (plugin nearing end-of-life)

December 13, 2017

Ongoing Items

  1. RFP update (Dave)
    1. Content versus capabilities
    2. Reporting and job-based assignments
    3. May need to migrate based on changes to availability of content, data… for the time being, we should focus on cleaning up definitions, data, and processes so that we are in a better position to migrate if we need to.
    4. Can we push job data into the new system?
  2. POI load update (Robert)
    1. Scheduled go-live on 12/21
    2. Next steps: loading users from AS/RF in from PeopleSoft
    3. Robert to email ETC + Yvonne about state of project, offer time for testing if needed
  3. Compliance report update(opens in new window) (Bev)
    1. Uses a snapshot of data. Might be more useful if we can tweak the data in the snapshot.
    2. Emphasis on assignments overdue, problem areas for that.
      1. Can we improve data set to more easily pivot between assignments and users?
    3. Cabinet brainstorming strategies for improvement.
    4. Need definitions for assignment statuses, such as "Not Taken - Overdue", "Overdue - Expired", "Finished - Expired" since a lot of these are not clear at first
      1. Robert will ask vendor support for these
    5. PDEV generating many reports by hand. Large opportunity for improvement if we can develop a more automated reporting solution.

Discussion Items

  1. Change in meeting time
    1. Robert will look at several Monday/Tuesday slots that were suggested, email ETC group to follow up
  2.  DTS status report(opens in new window) (Robert)
  3. New employee training (catalog entry)
    1. After POI load is up, people will be in DTS much sooner but are not assigned training until later (once payroll status becomes active)
    2. This catalog allows us to encourage training based on the catalog
    3. Disconnect between activation, notification. May need to move some processes outside of the DTS.
    4. Robert to ask vendor(s) about DB access for reporting -- to include SkillPort and DTS
  4. Learning Tracks: move yellow bar back to 30 days
    1. Robert will open a vendor support ticket

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December 6, 2017

Rough agenda

  1. Compliance reports (Bev)
  2. Summary of recent tech support issues
    1. Learning track assignments out of sync
    2. Unknown issue temporarily preventing users from accessing DDT files
  3. POI load project
    1. In final testing
    2. Coordinating with vendor, ADS, BITS to schedule final go-live
  4. Ideas
    1. Move "days valid" from courses to learning tracks
    2. Revise email templates (update dead links, improve info)
    3. Revise email strategy (timing, targeting, etc.)
    4. Deep links to classes
    5. Recommended job aids for SCORM production?
    6. Master catalog cleanup
  5. Student assistant onboarding (Bev)


  1. How to encourage training?
    1. Improved reporting to managers
    2. Talk to Cabinet about proposals, records
    3. Note populations with more compliance issues
    4. Target student assistants especially
    5. Make sure managers are aware student assistants need training
    6. ISEC very concerned about this
  2. Learning track sync
    1. May need to check for equivalency issues
    2. By one estimate, ~50 assignments out of sync
      1. Bev will check for any more info
      2. Robert to re-sync before Bev runs compliance reports
    3. Reporting accuracy is very important, especially as we increase report visibility
  3. Any update on RFP?
  4. Conversation about SkillPort as an LMS
    1. Doesn't handle job codes, automated assignment by job code
    2. Ample support for HR training, not as much for EHS training
    3. LearnerWeb contract is year-to-year
    4. SkillPort has improved since initial evaluation, but may or may not be caught up
    5. Compliance reports add value here
  5. Communication plan for assignments more than 30 days late
    1. Start at the back? 1 year over, 6 months over, etc…
    2. Many overdue assignments from 2007.
      1. Some people don't know they need to repeat certain trainings.
      2. How to let them know?
    3. Should managers to notified? Keep a holistic approach.
      1. Avoid any one-by-one notifications to managers.
      2. The "reports to" field is not always the person you expect.
      3. How can we clean up org tree data?
    4. Gather the business requirements, temper them according to what the system can do.
    5. Notifications past the 30-day window
      1. Notify trainee at 30… 60… 90… 180 days?
      2. Develop holistic reports for managers. Include count of communication attempts.
      3. Robert to ask vendor: when we add these, will they trigger a mass email?
    6. Supervisor dashboard (Bev)
    7. What about clutter/spam folders?
  6. New Employee Training folder (Bev)
    1. Give employees/managers one place to look for day-one training
    2. Assignments do not come until first paycheck, but new employees could get started early
  7. Use of training as a requirement for system access?
    1. May want to grandfather in existing population.
  8. Majority of users need 7 classes, approx 4 hours
    1. FMS employees tend to need more
    2. Make sure upfront requirements are realistic
    3. Is there a student employee training lab? Does it meet current needs?
    4. How can EHS review incoming student assistants for training needs?
    5. Do supervisors know that students need training?

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November 29, 2017

Meeting cancelled.

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November 15, 2017

Ongoing Items

  1. Review meeting schedule for the next few weeks.
    1. Planned: 11/29, 12/6, 12/13, possibly 1/3, evaluate scheduling on 1/10
  2. Update on AS/RF load into DTS
    1. Nearly done, need to update user feed process and schedule go-live
    2. TACs to update flexi-groups for assignment/reporting. Need to account for volunteers and auxiliaries. Can happen alongside or after the project go-live
  3. Update on yellow progress bars for near-due training. Ticket open with vendor support.
  4. Update on quotes in course titles. Should be fixed now.
  5. Update on Skillport "user catalog" errors. Ongoing research project, involves several interdependent systems. 
  6. Marjorie checking in about TLP training needs.
    1. System would be a lot more useful to TLP if faculty future hires could access training. Robert will follow up with Marjorie once that's available.
    2. Any option for deep links? None that is currently known.
    3. Robert will send Marjorie a link to the DTS staging site (for testing).

Other Items

  1. RFP call for use cases
  2. Proposal re: second wave of training in Spring
  3. Future projects/improvements to consider
    1. Revise email templates?
    2. Deep links to classes?
    3. Recommend SCORM production tools? Options may include Camtasia, Articulate, etc.
  4. Make sure TACs are aware that student employees now have Exchange email accounts (*@csuchico.edu)

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November 8, 2017

Ongoing Items

  1. Report on support tickets(opens in new window) (Robert)
  2. Report on system changes(opens in new window) (Robert)
  3. How to improve response time for group decisions?
  4. Ownership and inventory of trainings


  1. Disabling enrollment requests
  2. Email notification settings for compliance training
  3. Importing users from AS/RF/volunteer groups

Other Updates

  1. Student employee email accounts
  2. Proposal re second wave of training in Spring
  3. Round table updates from training area coordinators
  4. Learning Track date change proposal
  5. DTS landing page updates

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October 11, 2017

  1. Where to post meeting notes? Robert will prepare a space on DLT's website.
  2. Open tickets with vendor support
    1. Staging site was down last week (fixed)
    2. User ID update (installed on staging, ready for acceptance testing)
    3. User flags import (analysis/approval)
  3. Proposal to update notification settings for expiring compliance training
    1. Summary of issue
      1. Want to continue notifications more than 30 days after training has expired
      2. Must consider that some expired training doesn't need to be retaken (don't continue reminding those users)
      3. Needs buy-in from stakeholders to avoid concerns about spamming users
    2. Can we get approval from stakeholders/management, such as cabinet?
    3. After approval, would need to develop a communication plan before the change goes live
    4. Robert is working on implementation details
  4. Requests by managers to delete reporting access
    1. Not supported in current workflow; possible future improvement
  5. Proposed change management workflow
    1. Similar to DLT's change management process for Blackboard
    2. Workflow on staging system
      1. Proposed changes are implemented by technical team, with input from functional teams as needed
      2. Technical stability testing: confirm the change does not break the system
      3. Functional acceptance testing: confirm the change works correctly
    3. Changes to production
      1. Except in emergencies, typically announced at least a week ahead
      2. Shoot for a standard weekly maintenance window on Thursday afternoons

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September 2017

Notes pending.

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