Enterprise Applications

2018 Enterprise Training Collaborative Meetings

The Enterprise Training Collab meets bi-weekly to discuss maintenance, support, and projects relating to the Development and Training System (DTS).

The board includes representatives from several departments, including:

  • Distributed Learning Technologies (DLT)
  • Professional Development (PDEV)
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
  • Facilities Management & Services (FMS)
  • Information Security (ISEC)
  • Creative Media and Technology (CMT)
  • Enterprise Applications (EAPP)
  • Office of Accessible Technology and Services (OATS)
  • Research Foundation (FD)
  • Associated Students Human Resources (ASHR)

Agendas and meeting notes can be found at the links below:

2018 meeting dates

December 12, 2018

  • DTS freeze on 12/31 @ 5pm
    • Please complete all assigned and in-progress training so that it will carry over to the new system. Only completed training will carry over.
  • CSU Learn go-live on 1/29
  • Training needs during January
    • Individual trainers can run in-person training and keep rosters or other records as needed. Some trainers will rely on online forms, others will use email or paper forms. Send training records to DLT so that they can be recorded for completion credit in CSU Learn.
  • Communication to campus
    • Campus announcement delayed due to Camp Fire; expected this week
    • Banner in DTS
    • Banner on Training website
  • Login button
    • Drafting with Web Services
  • Email to use for sending notifications
    • DLT is attempting to secure the selected email address; if that is not possible, we have a fallback option
  • Future development plans
    • POI data feed
    • Lynda integration
    • Course development

October 31, 2018

This meeting is canceled.

October 17, 2018

  1. 2018 compliance training
  2. CSU Learn checkpoint
    1. Project timeline
    2. Training history import
    3. Curriculum development
    4. Communication plan
  3. DTS due dates change

October 3, 2018

    1. SumTotal checkpoint
      1. Date change
      2. Comm plan discussion
      3. Training history update
      4. Curriculum update
      5. POIs update
      6. Instructor role
    2. Training website support links

September 19, 2018

  1. SumTotal checkpoint
    1. User acceptance testing
    2. Course inventory
    3. Training history import
    4. Website changes
    5. Communication planning
    6. Blackout dates

September 5, 2018

  1. Lynda integration
  2. Test history import, coming soon
  3. Course history spreadsheet, meetings and updates coming soon
  4. Clarify Phase 1 vs Phase 2
  5. Hierarchy update
  6. Identifying use cases for roles and permissions
  7. Review staging site look and feel
  8. Approach to change management, course publishing
  9. Communication plan
  10. Training website

August 22, 2018

Meeting cancelled.

August 8, 2018

  1. Course intake process
  2. Review SumTotal project site
  3. Review plans for course history mapping
  4. Planning for SumTotal kickoff meeting with SMEs

July 25, 2018

SumTotal project milestones

  1. Milestone: SumTotal Setup
    1. Single sign on configuration (done)
    2. Branding and logos (done)
    3. Roles and permissions
    4. Community site access for ETC group
    5. User training history export/import
    6. Review PeopleSoft data
    7. Configure common core objects such as hierarchy
    8. Communication plan
      1. When to add announcement on Training website?
      2. Campus announcements?
      3. TLP blog?
      4. UTAC?
      5. DTS banner?
      6. Where else?
    9. Frequently Asked Questions
    10. Notification scheme
  2. Milestone: Course Content
    1. List of 900 unique courses from DTS history
    2. We will need help from SMEs to map these course IDs into SumTotal
    3. Course intake process
    4. Checking for duplicate courses
    5. Documenting assignment criteria
  3. Milestone: Post-launch, possible future goals
    1. User photos?
    2. Credit for Lynda.com tutorials in SumTotal?

July 11, 2018

Discussion items

  1. Updated SumTotal timeline
    1. Production launch 9/21
    2. Staging site launching "soon" 
  2. SumTotal integration
    1. Crucial to clean up source of authority data, rely on SOA as much as possible
    2. PeopleSoft will be the primary SOA for all SumTotal user data.
    3. SumTotal will be the primary SOA for courses, learning tracks, assignment criteria, auto-assignment, and similar training metadata.
  3. POI access to training in SumTotal
    1. We've confirmed that POI users will have access to SumTotal
    2. Some details about specific POI data fields are still being worked on
    3. Discussion about use of deptid field to encode training assignments
  4. Benefits of auxiliaries and other campuses using SumTotal
    1. Economies of scale. With various teams focusing efforts on one system, we will be able to achieve our training goals together using fewer resources.
    2. Training credit across multiple roles and locations. Users in multiple roles, or who work at multiple locations, can get credit for training across those roles and locations.
    3. The more we can standardize training materials and assignments across CSU campuses, the more these advantages grow.
  5. Training history import into SumTotal
    1. We will be importing all available training history into SumTotal
      1. Training taken in DTS
      2. Training taken in SkillPort
      3. Training taken prior to DTS standup that was imported into DTS.
    2. Training can continue in DTS as-is up until our switch to SumTotal
    3. Work on course crosswalk
      1. DLT and TLP will be building an inventory of historic course information
      2. May need help mapping that history to new course offerings in SumTotal
    4. Robert is focusing on the data formats for history migration
  6. Manual training assignments
    1. Some teams are relying heavily on manual training assignments
    2. Where possible, we will prefer to automate training assignments to reduce workload and improve consistency, but manual assignment is still possible when needed
    3. New capabilities for instructor-led training: certificates, handouts, modules, prerequisites, etc.
  7. Separation of concerns for course build and upload
    1. Separation of concerns will help each team to focus on their specific area(s) of expertise 
    2. Subject matter expert: Describes training goals, requirements, and initial preparation of materials.
    3. Instructional designer: Assists the SME with curriculum design, creation and review of content, best practices about ROI.
    4. Accessibility: Assists the SME with review of content with an eye for accessibility.
    5. Technical admin: Manages the system, provides technical support for other teams and end-users.

Action items

  1. Robert will add additional reps from ASHR and RFHR to the ETC meeting invite and mailing list.
  2. Robert will follow up with Shelby about CANRA training history ticket in DTS (TeamDynamix ticket).
  3. Robert will follow up with Marvin about SCORM import in DTS.
  4. Dave will follow up about a list of "top 10" training courses (from CO staff)

June 27, 2018

  • Notes pending.

June 13, 2018

  1. Review CO accessibility training session
  2. Discussion about licensing for Articulate, governance structure for future training accessibility
  3. SumTotal monthly CSU meeting tomorrow
  4. SumTotal draft communication pp

May 30, 2018

DTS topics

  1. Admin tickets report
  2. Importing SkillSoft courses
  3. Checking on HR booster course
  4. Checking on reporting needs

SumTotal topics

  1. Review the last CSU monthly meeting, if needed
  2. Draft communication plan

May 16, 2018

DTS topics

  1. Temporary freeze on user updates (file server downtime)
  2. Report on support tickets
  3. Training types: consult, instructor-led, online?
  4. Several users sent incorrect "course overdue" emails on 5/6

SumTotal topics

  1. Update on PeopleSoft data feed
  2. Monthly meetings with CSU admin
  3. SumTotal tie-in with Risk and Safety Solutions software coming soon

May 2, 2018

Meeting cancelled.

April 18, 2018

Project Requests

  1. DTS Shib/CAS authentication change
  2. SumTotal migration

SumTotal topics

  1. Training assignment inventory
    1. What fields are primarily used to assign training?
    2. When should training be due? Based on completion date or calendar date?
    3. Any topics for functional/technical teams to bring up with SumTotal reps?
  2. Support strategy
    1. What support channels exist, should exist?
    2. Can we standardize a support model?
    3. Who is tier 1, tier 2, etc?

April 4, 2018

DTS topics

  1. Vendor support ticket turnaround time
  2. TLP staff requesting admin access
  3. Update on "request" links in training catalog

SumTotal topics

  1. Notes and impressions from last meeting's demo
  2. Preliminary migration timeline
    1. When can we have a technical pilot live?
    2. When can we migrate all training services?
    3. Any topics for functional/technical teams to bring up with SumTotal reps?
  3. Reporting inventory
    1. Who runs which reports in DTS?
    2. Can we match those to reports in SumTotal?
    3. What additional reporting types would be helpful?
    4. Any topics for functional/technical teams to bring up with SumTotal reps?
  4. Training history inventory
    1. What fields do we need to keep?
    2. Can we leverage existing reports to pull this date?
    3. Any topics for functional/technical teams to bring up with SumTotal reps?

March 21, 2018

  • Meeting replaced by SumTotal demo.

March 7, 2018

Ongoing Items

  1. Ticket Report 1/25 - 3/7 (opens in new window)
    1. 26 Total tickets 
    2. Slight increase in issues related to Flash-based content 
  2. Flash-based content in Safety Training 
    1. Marvin stated that EHS is waiting on a new-hire to take on this issue and resolve by using Articulate to recreate trainings in non-Flash format. 
  3. Manager delegates reporting to designees 
    1. Extremely manual but doable 
    2. Currently targeting IRES and Student Health for this change 
  4. Email Template Review 
    1. Tabled for next meeting since Bev was absent 

Discussion Items 

  1. DLT Project Intake Workflow 
    1. Reviewed workflow and discussed how it would be adopted for DTS system 
    2. Should new content be reviewed by Accessibility? 
    3. What is a project in regard to DTS?
      1. Determining method of communication and changing email templates is a project 
      2. Fixing one user's login issue is operational
  2. Communication Plan for Training 
    1. Group decided this should be solved before reviewing more email templates 
    2. Determine timeline and points of action based on status of training 
    3. What is consequence for not doing training? How can we enforce this? 
    4. Ask other campuses about their communication plans?
  3. SumTotal 
    1. CSU go live projected July 2018
    2. CSU Chico go live projected Jan 2019
    3. David Rowe requested a demo of the tool for the ETC group 
  4. External Trainings in DTS 
    1. Mike Magrey brought up a request to add external trainings for a contract 
    2. Training content would be developed in house 

Action Items 

  1. Check if Sumtotal passes accessibility requirements – Robert 
  2. Verify if SumTotal has a communication tool – Robert 
  3. Check if loading external trainings and users into DTS is possible – Robert  

February 21, 2018

Meeting canceled.

February 7, 2018

  1. Follow-up: Flash content.
  2. Follow-up: Facilitators printing session rosters.

Discussion Items

  1. Email templates - current email samples(opens in new window).

January 24, 2018

Ongoing Items

  1. Report on support tickets(opens in new window) (Robert)
  2. Flexi-groups for reporting

Discussion Items

  1. Communication plan updates - email notifications, campus announcements, etc.
  2. Follow-up about POI load, further impacts
  3. Follow-up about Flash content

January 10, 2018

Ongoing Items

  1. POI load update. As of December, we are now loading POI and Future Hire users into the DTS
    1. Users can take training much sooner. Used to wait until payroll activation. Now, may depend on HR workflow: if HR activates record on day 1, user will be provisioned in CSU registry by day 2, then in DTS by day 3.
    2. Big step toward loading AS/RF users into DTS. Department data organization is ongoing (may need to check in with Yvonne).
  2. Proposal to reschedule meeting time: unfortunately, we can't find another time that works. Robert will follow up with Coleen in case she can send another rep to the meetings.
    1. For now, we will continue meeting every other week on Wednesdays.
    2. Dave will talk to Andy about possible EADS meeting conflict.
  3. RFP update. CSU sent several updates about the RFP that will update our options with regard to LMS and content.
    1. That will need further review moving forward.

 Discussion Items

  1. Flash plugin nearing end-of-life. Several courses rely on Flash content, but major browsers are currently phasing out Flash support.
    1. Several users have already reported they are unable to access Flash content.
    2. CMT recommends switching from Flash to WebRTC (for streaming) or HTML5 (for content).
    3. Marjorie will check if TLP has a version of Articulate that can convert Flash to HTML5 content. This would most likely require rebuilding course packages from source files.
    4. Robert will follow up with TACs about content review.
    5. Robert will send ETC group a job aid about enabling Flash content in Chrome.
  2. Communication plan. Tabled for future discussion.