College of Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Management

Meet ALEKS PPL: MATH Assessment

MATH in your ECC Major

The College of ECC strongly encourages new students to utilize the ALEKS PPL assessment to determine appropriate courses for your first term.

At the time of admission, multiple measures are used to determine preparedness for college-level MATH/quantitative reasoning (and/or written communication) courses. However, these measures may not accurately reflect your true understanding or ability to learn math concepts. Therefore, in an effort to properly advise, reduce frustration, and set you up for success, the College of ECC offers ALEKS PPL as an assessment tool to determine math/calculus placement. ALEKS PPL helps identify concepts you have already mastered, fundamentals you can learn, and skillsets needed for math and major-related courses. 

ALEKS PPL Overview

Three-step process: (1) initial knowledge check, (2) learning modules (at least three hours) & (3) proctored assessment.

ALEKS PPL Proctored Results
Interpreting your results & course advising for your ECC major