College of Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Management

Program Assessment & Accreditation

We conduct continuous and comprehensive assessment of our programs to:
create opportunities for the academic community to carefully consider learning objectives and create learning goals that align with overall campus priorities, industry needs, and societal objectives, measure and enhance student learning, provide students with information about the knowledge, skills, and abilities they can expect to develop through successful completion of coursework and academic programs, and ensure accountability and provide evidence of student achievement to accreditation bodies, legislators, and other stakeholders.

Campus-Level Assessment

Regular Academic Program Reviews are conducted for all CSU, Chico academic programs, including those offered by the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management (ECC). Campus level assessment is coordinated by the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) through the Office of the Vice Provost of Planning, Resource Allocation, and Evaluation. Online program portfolios for each of the ECC programs.

College-Level Assessment

In addition to the campus-level assessment that is conducted for each of the eleven (11) ECC degree programs, additional assessment activities are conducted for the nine (9) ECC programs that are accredited by national accreditation bodies, including the following:

The assessment process includes development of educational objectives and desired student learning outcomes, collection of student data and work samples, preparation of detailed assessment documents, evaluations by external reviewers, and a feedback loop that produces continuous improvement.

Undergraduate Student Enrollment
Fall   2015Fall   2016Fall   2017Fall   2018Fall 2019Fall 2020
Civil Engineering335314324357339346
Computer Animation and Game Dev.234257307337322331
Computer Engineering1171091121029376
Computer Information Systems9082103115103105
Computer Science307355364372397437
Concrete Industry Management4889961028874
Construction Management380468455467501466
Electrical/Electronic Engineering159139162181168164
Mechanical Engineering389421446437427401
Sustainable Manufacturing849983654334
Grand Total235825432663272726742616

Undergraduate Degrees Awarded
Civil Engineering5264577057
Computer Animation and Game Dev.4742527261
Computer Engineering81616157
Computer Information Systems1710172824
Computer Science3442504960
Concrete Industry Management6782128
Construction Management6687107109115
Electrical/Electronic Engineering2921292727
Mechanical Engineering5749708699
Sustainable Manufacturing2023283016
Grand Total371392479542528

Institutional Research Fact Book

For additional information on College of ECC program assessment practices, please contact the Dean's Office at 530-898-5963.