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College of Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Management

New Student Resources

Welcome to CSU, Chico and the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management (ECC)!
Please watch: Welcome and Expectations from CSU, Chico and the Chico Community

Fall 2020 Wildcat Welcome- College of ECC Webinar

College of ECC PowerPoint Presentation
Video transcript (PDF)

Engineering Student Success Center (ESSC) Resources

Overview of Topics:

  • CSU, Chico Academic and Student Affairs
  • Academic Colleges
  • College of ECC- Dean, Associate Dean, Department Chairs, Major Programs
  • Engineering Student Success Center (ESSC)
  • Campus Resources
  • Overview of E-advising tools
    • Degree Progress Report (DPR), Wildcat Scheduler, Smart Planner, Class Schedule, Transfer/Test Credit Report, What If Report (exploration of academic programs)

Department Zoom Sessions

Computer Science/Computer Information Systems (CSCI)

View the video from Tyson Henry (Department Chair) and faculty members: Bryan Dixon, Jaime Raigoza, Samuel Siewert, Carter Tillquist, and Renee Renner 

Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering (EECE)

Review the PowerPoint Presentation (PDF) from Kathleen Meehan (Department Chair)

Civil Engineering (CIVL)

View the video from Steffen Mehl (Department Chair) and faculty members: Curt Haselton, Jeffrey Davids, and current CIVL students: Victor, ASCE President. (Technical issues did not record the full video.)

Please also review the PowerPoint Presentation (PDF) from Steffen Mehl (Department Chair)

Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, and Sustainable Manufacturing/Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Robotics (MMEM)

View the video from Greg Watkins (Department Chair) and Vice Chair David Alexander and faculty members: Sinan Bank, Scott Brogden, Jeremy Fishel, Serkan Inceoglu, Webster Johnson, Matthew Mione, Scott Vanni, Dennis O'Connor, Ramesh Varahamurti, Ozgul Yasar and current MMEM students.

Construction Management (CMGT)

Review the PowerPoint Presentation (PDF) from Chris Souder (Department Chair)

Concrete Industry Management (CIMT)

View the video from Feraidon Ataie (CIMT Faculty Advisor), Seema Sehrawat (CIMT Program Director and Interim Associate Dean), Amanda Muller (CIMT Associate Development Director), and current CIMT student: John

Computer Animation and Game Development (CAGD)

Contact the Department for updates.