College of Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Management

ALEKS PPL: Proctored Assessment

  • After completing the initial knowledge check, and studying for at least three hours using the learning modules, take a proctored ALEKS PPL assessment using ProctorU (see steps 1-4 below; cost is $10).

Steps to ProctorU

Step 1: Create a ProctorU account using your Wildcat email account and agree to terms and conditions

Step 2: Find a date and time that works in your preferred or available times. Schedule at least 72 hours to prepare and avoid additional fees.

Step 3: Book and confirm! Complete the $10 payment.

Step 4: Prepare and complete your proctored ALEKS PPL assessment using ProctorU.

Introducing ProctorU!

Proctored Assessment Info

  • ProctorU allows students to schedule an ALEKS PPL proctored assessment when it is convenient. However, there is a $10 cost for the session.
  • Complete at least three hours of learning modules.
  • You must wait at least 48 hours before re-assessing. Use that time to review ALEKS PPL modules and practice, practice, practice. 
  • You can take up to four proctored assessments. After a second assessment, contact the ESSC before attempting a third.
  • Free Technical Support from Proctor U. Test your equipment and ask questions about the proctoring process before you begin!
  • Needed Materials: high speed Internet connection, webcam, Windows or Apple OS, government issued ID.
  • ALEKS PPL and ProctorU work best in Google Chrome.