College of Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Management

College of ECC Outstanding Student Leader of the Year

Tim O'Shea is set to graduate next week as a double major in both Construction Management and Concrete Industry Management.

O'Shea, "It is a challenge double majoring in CIM and CM, they're two similar fields, but at some points they do kind of diverge."

Despite two demanding majors, Tim has managed to keep a sterling 3.68 GPA and is heavily involved outside of the classroom as well. On the Construction side, he's been involved in ASC and this year was on the Commercial Build team that took first place at the ASC Competition.

O'Shea, "ASC is amazing, it's so much work, especially the schedule that Alan Bond puts us through. But honestly you get so much out of it. I was the scheduler for that, and I had no idea what to do coming in. You learn this new software that's pretty complex, but Alan helps you along the way."

Meanwhile on the Concrete side, Tim has been the president of the ACI Club and is involved in competition there as well.

O'Shea, "Last semester we did the Pervious Concrete Competition, where we had to create the strongest pervious concrete cylinder that also allowed the most amount of water to go through it. We did okay, but it was a fun experience going and having some students represent us in Las Vegas at the ACI Convention."

And with all of this on his resume, it comes as no surprise that Tim was named the Outstanding Student Leader of the Year for the College of ECC.

O'Shea, "You do a lot of work, but honestly it's not something you feel like you should get mentioned for. You're supposed to be here, do your work, and get out. I didn't really feel like I was the best pick for it, but I really feel humbled and I'm honored by it. I just appreciate everyone who's helped me along the way."

After graduation, Tim already has a job lined up working for Kiewet Infrastructure as a Field Engineer. And while his time here at Chico State is coming to a close, he'll always look back on it with fond memories.

O'Shea, "You really learn to have a bond with these people, and then you go out with them after school, and you get to know them on a one to one basis. That's probably my favorite aspect, just the people, getting to know how they think and having that bond that you'll have over a lifetime."