College of Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Management

Concrete Industry Partnership Makes Possible Further Progress in the Comprehensive Lab Overhaul

CIM Patrons present university leadership with a donation check in May 2017 in front of Kendall Hall

Solidifying commitment to CSU, Chico, the College of Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Management (ECC), and the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Program, Chico CIM Patrons Founder Doug Guerrero presented Chico State leaders with a donation of $400,000 earlier this month. The gift, with $200,000 in funds from the Chico CIM Patrons and matching funds from the CIM National Steering Committee, makes possible the next stage of a comprehensive, multi-phase lab renovation at Chico State.

College of ECC's labs offer students a unique educational environment to practice hands-on skills that make them competitive in industry. The labs in Langdon and Plumas serve majors in CIM, as well as Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and Sustainable Manufacturing.

Maintaining and upgrading labs with current technology and innovative spaces that promote interdisciplinary team projects is key to preparing students for the workforce, but it's also challenging fiscally. Partnerships like this one between the Chico CIM Patrons and the College of ECC are pivotal to ensuring curriculum meets industry needs, facilities and equipment are current and also provides invaluable relationships for students and faculty.

"As an industry, we've always brought engineers, construction folks, and managers in every field together. These students at Chico State are doing everything there is to do while they're here, and their abilities are just amazing. We've got to do this," said Doug Guerrero, Chair of the Chico CIM Patrons group.

During summer 2017, this gift will be put to work moving the Advanced Manufacturing Lab from Langdon to its new location in Plumas Hall. This move will free up space for the next phases of renovation in the existing Soils and Structures Lab and a new Advanced Materials Lab in Langdon.

The Chico CIM Patrons and National Steering Committee's gift gets momentum going for the comprehensive lab renovation. It allows for physical space and the resources to keep advancing the larger renovation campaign.

This gift is a follow-up to last year's grand opening of ECC's renovated concrete laboratory, made possible by support from the Chico CIM Patrons and civil engineering alum Dennis Murphy.

Next Steps

The University and College of ECC are actively engaging alumni, industry partners and the community to inspire their collaboration in the ongoing lab renovation campaign. We invite you to join us in strengthening our University for future generations by investing in the people and programs that impact the future of our campus and our students. The ECC lab renovation is a key component of the educational experience for current and future students.

"This gift from the Chico CIM Patrons and National Steering Committee is of major benefit to the College of ECC, Chico State and the future of these technical industries," said Ricardo Jacquez, dean of College of ECC. "The ongoing partnership with the Chico CIM Patrons and its National Steering Committee is a prime example of the important strategic relationships we are working to foster across the various fields our departments and programs serve."

For more information about the lab renovations and to find out how you can get involved, contact Hope Shapiro, Development Director, at 530-898-3012 or