College of Engineering, Computer Science & Construction Management

Programs & Options

The College of ECC offers eleven undergraduate and two graduate degree programs. Nine undergraduate programs are accredited, with the remaining two in the process of being accredited. Maintaining accreditation signifies our commitment to deliver high-quality education via current curricula designed to prepare graduates for the job market.

Computer Animation & Game Development (CAGD)

Civil Engineering (CIVL)

Computer Engineering (CMPE)

Computer Information Systems (CINS)

Computer Science (CSCI)

Concrete Industry Management (CIMT)

Construction Management (CMGT)

Electrical Engineering (EENG)

Mechanical Engineering (MENG)

Mechatronic Engineering (MECA)

Sustainable Manufacturing (SFMT)

Computer Science (CSCI)

Electrical & Computer Engineering (EECE)

  • Option in Electrical Engineering
  • Option in Computer Engineering