Department of Economics

Alex Herring

  • Graduated: 2009
  • Field: Government

Alex Herring has worked with the public sector since she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Economics in 2009. Until 2014 she worked for the State of California’s Board of Equalization Sales and Use Tax Division which is responsible for the administration of property taxes, sales and use tax, and 28 additional special tax programs accounting for over 30% of all state revenue. As the escrow technician she was responsible for determining the total tax liability for businesses sold that generated sales or requested state clearances (including sales/use tax, property tax, special taxes) and issuing notices of determination or tax clearances to the private escrow agents or business owners.

In 2014 when she decided to make a career change, she spent the next year traveling abroad and working in freelance graphic design. In a recent email Alex explained that "The freedom and flexibility it provided allowed me to travel and explore the world."

Since July 2015, she has worked for the City of Coronado’s Administrative Services Department. "Coronado Island is a small affluent resort city off the coast of San Diego, known for its tourism and outdoor recreation. I am responsible for the recruitment and onboarding (organizational socialization) of all new employees for the city.

"Obtaining a degree in Economics has been the perfect backbone to my career and would be for anyone in any career field. It has been the single most valuable investment I have made to date. Economics is both an art and a science, the perfect blend of interpretation and calculation. It allowed me to develop my analytical skills, strengthen my ability to think critically, and emerge well-equipped to succeed in any industry, whether in the private or public sector."

Portrait of Alex Herring