Department of Economics

Alex James

  • Graduated: 2006
  • Field: University Professor

Alexander James, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2006, is an Assistant Professor of Economics(opens in new window) at the University of Alaska, Anchorage(opens in new window).  In 2012 Alexander completed his Ph.D. in Economics(opens in new window) from the University of Wyoming(opens in new window) and enrolled  at the Center for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies(opens in new window) at the University of Oxford(opens in new window) in Oxford, England.   His current research largely focuses on the economic and social impacts of natural-resource production, including growth, public policy, and crime.

“The training I received as an economics major and mathematics minor at Chico State was invaluable to my success in graduate school,” Dr. James stated in an email.  “I felt very well prepared both in terms of my analytic ability and conceptual understanding of fundamental economic theories and concepts. In graduate school, I often relied on a core set of ideas and principles I learned as an economics major at Chico State.

“My undergraduate international and environmental economics courses spiked my interest in the discipline. In particular, having the chance to work on an applied travel cost-study with Professor Pete Tsournos motivated my decision to study environmental economics at the University of Wyoming. I am grateful for the training and guidance I received from the faculty in the Department of Economics at CSU Chico!” (Last Updated 6/5/19)
Portrait of Alex James