Department of Economics

Alexandra (Schmidt) Vermeer

  • Graduated: 2014
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship, Technology

Alexandra (Schmidt) Vermeer(opens in new window) , who graduated in 2014 with a BA in Economics and an option in International Economics, is an account executive at Salesforce(opens in new window) in New York City, New York. While a student at Chico State Alexandra studied abroad at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam(opens in new window) where she took courses in international economics and business and worked as a server in O’Donnell’s Irsh Pub in Amsterdam. Working her way through college in Chico Alexandra sold jewelry at Gabrielle Ferrar(opens in new window) and served drinks at Bella’s Sports Pub. During her senior year at Chico State Alexandra worked as account manager at Foundation Supportworks Inc.(opens in new window)

After graduation she worked as a sales development representative for Cloudwords, Inc(opens in new window). In September 2014 Alexandra moved on to Salesforce in San Francisco, California, as an account executive for small business.  After a little over a year Alexandra moved to New Your City as an account executive for growth business with Salesforce.

“My Economics degree helped open my eyes to international business and foreign markets. It also helped shape and develop my goals towards working for an international, innovative company,” Alexandra stated in a recent. “Then going abroad and studying foreign markets was one of the best decisions of my life. It allowed me to learn about topics I might not typically learn about and to think on my feet. I had to adapt and learn how to thrive in a culture that was not my norm. In general, taking Econ classes forced me to think outside of my box in a more analytical sense. I take an analytical approach to evaluating each situation whether that be from a career or personal standpoint.”   (Last Updated 1/22/18)

Portrait of Alexandra (Schmidt) Vermeer