Department of Economics

Andrew Fingerson

  • Graduated: 2005
  • Field: Finance, Sales/Retail

Andrew Fingerson(opens in new window), who graduated from Chico State in 2005 with a BA in Economics, is a tax associate at H&R Block(opens in new window) in Santa Rosa, California.  He also earned minors in Business Administration and Communication Design.  After graduation Andrew worked as a loan officer for Avalon Mortgage(opens in new window) before moving to First National Mortgage Sources(opens in new window) where he also worked as a loan officer. 

In 2007 Andrew moved in Grass Valley, California, to work with Rexel(opens in new window), a worldwide electrical supply company based in Paris. Rexel purchased Platt(opens in new window), a company out of Oregon, in 2012 and Andrew's branch in Grass Valley changed its name to the Platt moniker.  In 2017 Andrew was promoted to assistant branch manager for Platt in Petaluma, California. 

"My job is to find electrical and data communications solutions for contractors, electricians, homeowners, and maintenance personnel for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, Andrew stated in an email while working for Platt. "Our products range from utility power, lighting, dimming controls, timers, solar/clean energy, security, data, video, audio, power tools, and industrial controls and automation. We have the best web site and smart app in the industry; customers can take photos with their Smartphone and our online team can find that product in just a minute or two via chat texting.”

"I use economics to explain to customers how certain products such as LED lighting retrofits and solar panels will pay off down the road on utility costs and reduced maintenance. We work with the Sierra Business Council and their Sierra Nevada Energy Watch program to quote businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies on products that will reduce energy consumption and lower their utility bills."

In early 2019 Andrew took a job as tax associate with H&R Block where he currently works.  He still relies on his knowledge of economics to help clients find ways to minimize their tax liabilities within federal and state laws.  (Last Updated 5/14/19)

Portrait of Andrew Fingerson