Department of Economics

Andrew Fox

  • Graduated: 2012
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant

Andrew Fox(opens in new window) who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2012, is a credit risk analyst at Golden 1 Credit Union(opens in new window)in Sacramento, California.  While enrolled at Chico State, Andrew helped support himself as a salesman at Target(opens in new window) in Roseville, California. During his senior year, Andrew also worked as an educational assistant for the Accessibility Resource Center at Chico State.

After graduation from Chico State Andrew worked for almost a year as a teller for Wells Fargo in Loomis(opens in new window), California. In 2014 he enrolled in graduate school at California State University, Sacramento(opens in new window) where he finished his MA in Economics in 2017.  While a graduate student, Andrew was a research intern for the Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council, an economic development organization in the Sacramento region.  As an analyst, Andrew provided data on economic and demographic trends for businesses considering a location in the Sacramento region.  He also researched issues that support the organization’s marketing efforts and he assisted prospective firms in site selection using GIS mapping.  His thesis analyzed the impact that state minimum wage increases have on poverty rates and on the earnings of low-income households using OLS and TSLS techniques.

”Economics has provided me with an understanding of basic concepts and economic variables that are useful in evaluating the economic performance of a particular region,” Andrew state in a recent email.  “In addition, I use basic quantitative methods at work on a frequent basis. I anticipate that the more advanced statistical and econometric techniques that I have learned in my undergraduate and graduate coursework will aid me later on.  Urban/Regional Economics and understanding of location theory has also been particularly useful for being able to identify regional assets that ultimately influence a business's location decision.”  (Last Updated 2/7/18)

Portrait of Andrew Fox