Department of Economics

Andy Sondag

  • Graduated: 2010
  • Field: Technology

Andy Sondag, who graduated in 2010 with a BA in Economics and a BA in Philosophy, is a full-stack web developer at Sondag Web Development, a company he founded in 2014.  Andy tutored economics students while at Chico State.   He received the Economics Service Award in 2010.

Immediately after graduation Andy founded, a search that students used to find the best prices in textbooks. In addition, he worked as a commercial real estate analyst for 2 years.

"My degree in economics was invaluable in helping me secure my first job after college in commercial real estate,” Andy stated in a recent email. “It continues to help me as a web developer.  There is a lot of overlap in the type of thinking required."  (Last Updated 9/29/18)

Portrait of Andy Sondag