Department of Economics

Angela Jenkins

  • Graduated: 2013
  • Field: Healthcare

Angela Jenkins graduate in 2013 as a recipient of the Rawlins award in recognition of her outstanding scholarship and service to the University. She was on the deans' list each semester at Chico State. In 2012 she received the Francis Economic Award of Excellence.

After graduation Angela began working for Hospira(opens in new window), a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. In 2015 she became Hospira's device account manager in Brisbane, Australia.

In a recent email she outlined the skill she developed while studying economics at Chico State:

"I use my economics skills, including the following, when I call upon physicians who are interested in Hospira products:

  • Graphical analytical skills to interpret Medical Journal Articles and present the content in detail to physicians.
  • Macroeconomics understanding of decision making and using these principles to help physicians make the most well reasoned decisions.
  • Economics approach of accessing the costs of a product against the clinical benefits
  • Being able to point out to a clinician when his/her willingness to pay is for a certain clinical outcome is extremely low.
Portrait of Angela Jenkins