Department of Economics

Benjamin Wachman

  • Graduated: 2010
  • Field: Technology

Benjamin Wachman, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2010, is a systems integration manager at Mobivity in San Diego, California.  After graduation Benjamin worked as a research assistant at Chico State’s Center for Economic Development.  In 2011 he started working for AT&T Mobility as a sales support representative until early 2013 when he signed on as a systems engineer for SmartReceipt in Santa Barbara, California.  After a year with SmartReceipt, Benjamin got a job as senior QA engineer for Mobivity where he currently works.  He was promoted to systems integration manager in early 2018.  

“My job is all tech/software based, but I do quite a bit of mental cost-benefit analysis when deciding what my team should or should not work on …not in any sort of monetary terms, just balancing how much time and effort it would take to fix a bug or implement a feature and how much that would help our product,” Benjamin stated in a recent email.

“I got my job with SmartReceipt through the help of a friend who I graduated with at Chico State -- so the idea of networking is a good takeaway.  The transition to Mobivity was actually due to an acquisition -- Mobivity bought SmartReceipt and during the takeover I changed roles.”  (Last Updated 4/18/19) 

Portrait of Benjamin Wachman