Department of Economics

Brandon Ayer

  • Graduated: 2012
  • Field: Banking

Brandon Ayer(opens in new window), who graduated with his BA in Economics in 2012, is a transaction services specialist at CoBank(opens in new window) in Denver, Colorado. He has worked for a several banks in different roles. After graduation Brandon worked for Wells Fargo as a teller for over a year. He left Wells Fargo(opens in new window) to become an operation specialist for Silicon Valley Bank in Salt Lake City(opens in new window) where they have an operations center for their international branches. Brandon helped to process both international wires and domestic wires, using both the Fed Wire system and the Swift system. In a recent email Brandon said that his banking experience “taught me a significant about sending money globally and foreign transactions.”

Since July 2015 Brandon has worked for CoBank ACB processing wires as well as other operations duties. “It is definitely interesting to see how much money moves through the Fed each day, and just how sophisticated the US banking system is. I tend to prefer processing international transactions as there is a lot more to them, US dollar wires doing domestically are our most common form of payments.” (Last Updated 5/27/18)

Portrait of Brandon Ayer