Department of Economics

Brandon Heck

  • Graduated: 2011
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant, Healthcare

Brandon Heck(opens in new window), who graduated in 2011 with a BA in Economics and a BS in Mathematics, is a research associate with IMPAQ International(opens in new window).  As an undergraduate at Chico State Brandon was a member of the Econ Club, Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematical Society, the Phi Eta Sigma Freshmen Honor Society, and the vice president of the Math Club.  During his junior year he worked as a bookkeeper for Amber Treasure. 

After graduation at Chico State, Brandon enrolled in the graduate program at the University of California, Santa Cruz(opens in new window) (UCSC) where he was the lead consultant for the Center for Statistical Analysis in the Social Sciences(opens in new window) and a teaching assistant.  He also consulted as an assistant expert witness in a biotech firm’s case for San Mateo County, California. 

“His dissertation work consisted of four papers, all of which focused on determining the factors that affect health, demand for healthcare, and quality improvements in healthcare,” according to IMPAQ’s web page(opens in new window).  “His job market paper analyzes the effect of hospital grades from the Leapfrog Group on consumer demand for hospital services and quality improvements by hospitals themselves. His other papers include the effect of air pollutants and air quality alerts on respiratory health, the effect of compulsory schooling reforms in England on long-term health, and the effect of fluoride in community water systems on oral and overall health.”

Brandon finished his Ph.D. in Economics(opens in new window) at UCSC in 2016 and accepted a job with IMPAQ International where he is currently working in the health division of IMPAQ’s Oakland office.   “The company contracts both with the federal government and non-profit to do policy evaluation and implementation,” Brandon stated in an email.  “I will mostly be using econometrics to do policy evaluation.”

“The training in Economics that I received at Chico State came from excellent teachers who propelled me toward seeking a PhD and gave me the insights to succeed in that program and ultimately in my career.” (Last Updated 5/22/19)

Portrait of Brandon Heck