Department of Economics

Brent Cardwell

  • Graduated: 1981
  • Field: Banking

Brent Cardwell(opens in new window), who graduated in 1981 with a BA in Economics, is the regional manager of investment and fiduciary services for Wells Fargo(opens in new window) in Sacramento, California.  After graduation Brent attended California State University, San Jose(opens in new window), where he received his MA in Economics with a concentration in econometrics.  He worked for government, generating forecasting data, until 2001.  Since 2001 Brent has worked for Wells Fargo.  Brent is a Chartered Financial Analyst(opens in new window) (CFA).

“Both the BA and MA provided the foundation for what is now my career in investments with Wells Fargo,” Brent stated in a recent email.  (Last Revised 5/2/19)

Portrait of Brent Cardwell