Department of Economics

Brett Soares

  • Graduated: 2007
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant

Brett Soares(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2007, is a marketing business intelligence analyst for CSAA Insurance Group(opens in new window) in San Francisco. As a business intelligence analyst Brett uses data to determine how to increase CSAA’s profits and efficiency. He analyzes his company’s data and compares it to the industry data while keeping an eye out for any changes in the economy.

In 2008 Brett accepted a position as economic specialist with PMI Mortgage Insurance Company(opens in new window) where he helped develop a market condition scoring system that the firm uses to evaluate distressed properties. He was also responsible for 2 of the company’s publications, The Economic and Real Estate Trends(opens in new window) and The Housing and Mortgage Market Review, and the Economic Department’s website. About a year and a half later, Brett was promoted to economic analyst where he developed new data tools for top level management decisions.

In 2013 CSAA hired Brett to be a business intelligent analyst. Every day Brett uses the tools of economic analysis that he learned at Chico State. He works with data, models, statistics and computers to make his employer more profitable and efficient.  (Last Updated 9/2/19)

Portrait of Brett Soares