Department of Economics

Carlton C. Caven IV

  • Graduated: 2011
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship, Sales/Retail, Technology

Carlton C. Caven IV(opens in new window), who graduated in 2011 with a BA in Economics, is an enterprise regional manager at indeni(opens in new window), a computer software firm specializing in IT network security in San Francisco, California. During his sophomore and junior year at Chico State, Carlton was head coach for Chico State Women’s Soccer Club. During his senior year he worked in operations for Bizness Apps(opens in new window) a successful CSU Chico startup currently headquartered in La Jolla, CA.

In 2013 Carlton accepted a position as senior lead development representative at Intuit(opens in new window). In 2014 Intuit promoted him to territory manager for Texas. Carlton moved on to LeadGenius(opens in new window) in Berkeley, California as sales executive in late 2014. After a year and one-half helping build LeadGenius, he signed on as enterprise regional manager with indeni where he is currently working with major enterprise IT network environments.

“Earning a degree in economics allows me to understand and contribute complex business situations,” Carlton stated in a recent email.  “Trend analysis, forecasting, resource allocation as well as many other economic skills are applicable in high tech. My favorite "term" that I administer both inside and outside of work is resource allocation.”  (Last Updated 10/28/16) 

Portrait of Carlton C. Caven IV