Department of Economics

Casey Donoho

  • Graduated: 1980
  • Field: University Professor

Casey Donoho(opens in new window), who graduated in 1980 with a BA in economics, is a professor of marketing at Chico State. Before and during his studies at Chico State, he worked in consumer electronics first as a sales person, then manager and owner for 11 years. He completed his MBA at Chico in 1984 and his Ph.D. in Marketing(opens in new window) in 1990 at the University of Oregon(opens in new window). Casey has numerous publications(opens in new window) in prestigious journals in marketing and ethics.

Casey became interested in ethics at the University of Oregon during his Ph.D. program where he taught the “Business and Society” class in which he began to think about ethical situations in business. In a recent email Casey said, “Having run businesses for 11 years I was surprised about how unaware students were about ethical business dilemmas.” Five years after completing his Ph.D. he began to research the personal selling ethics scale. When Casey returned to Chico 20 years later, Professor of Marketing Tim Heinze(opens in new window) and he developed an updated version of the scale. While on sabbatical in 2015 Casey and Tim have access to a global sample of schools in 5 countries that they are assessing on their ethics scale.

"As a former owner of retail stores and now as a college marketing professor, my economics training always plays a role in my business thinking. Whether it be environmental scanning, industrial and competitive analysis, pricing strategy, or consumer decision making, my Chico State economics degree provides me with a powerful structure for thinking about how the world works." (Last Updated 10/19/15) 

Portrait of Casey Donoho