Department of Economics

Chris Yost-Bremm

  • Graduated: 2011
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant, University Professor

Chris Yost-Bremm(opens in new window), who graduated with honors in 2011 with a BA in Economics and a minor in International Accounting, is an assistant professor of Finance at San Francisco State University(opens in new window). He is also a quantitative researcher for Real Property Analytics Inc in San Francisco, California.  Before earning his degree in economics, Chris completed a BS in Business Administration and Management at Chico State in 2008.  In 2010 he finished his BS in Engineering and Industrial Management.  After completing his undergraduate degrees Chris finished his Master of Business Administration in 2011.

In 2011 Chris left Chico State for Texas A&M University where he completed his Ph.D. in Finance(opens in new window) in 2015.  While working on his degree at Texas A&M Chris researched asset pricing with an emphasis on derivatives and risk factors.  In 2014 he also accepted a job as chief econometrician for Real Property Analytics in San Francisco where he continues to work.  

After graduation from Texas A&M Chris signed on with BlackRock in San Francisco as a quantitative researcher. Chris left BlackRock in 2016 to accept a position as visiting professor of finance at the University of Nevada, Reno(opens in new window).  At the end of the spring 2017 semester Chris left the University of Nevada for San Francisco State where he continues to teach.  

“Economics has helped me take a broader perspective about how countries relate, and helped me appreciate that while many events happen randomly and suddenly, predictable economic relationships can still exist over the long run” Chris stated in a recent email.  (Last Updated 12/28/18)

Portrait of Chris Yost-Bremm