Department of Economics

Christopher Rodriguez

  • Graduated: 2008
  • Field: Education

Christopher Rodriguez(opens in new window), who completed his BA in Economics in 2008, is an English tutor at The Language Company(opens in new window) in Santiago, Chile.  During his sophomore year at Chico State he studied international business and economics at Brighton University(opens in new window) in Great Britain.  Christopher interned with the California Center for International Trade and Development where he created reports for domestic businesses interested in selling their products in other countries during his junior year and he wrote grants for St. John’s Catholic School(opens in new window) during his senior year. 

Christopher joined Peace Corps after he graduated from Chico State and he spent almost two and one-half years in Suriname promoting business development and health initiatives.  After leaving Peace Corps Christopher worked for 3 years as a teacher for the English Program in Korea (EPIK) and TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea).  In March of 2015 he moved to Santiago, Chile, where he now works for The Language Company.

Portrait of Christopher Rodriguez