Department of Economics

Daniel Stubo

  • Graduated: 1994
  • Field: Real Estate, Technology

Daniel Stubo(opens in new window), who graduated in 1994 with a BA in Economics, is director of sales for HomeLight(opens in new window), a firm that matches homebuyers and real estate agents. According to Daniel’s LinkedIn page(opens in new window), Homelight with its “data-driven technology analyzes over 18 million historical transactions, 2 million agents, and 200,000 brokerages,” to find the best match between agents and buyers. 

After graduation Daniel began his career in real estate finance with Palo Alto Funding Group and two years later he moved to Menlo Park Mortgage. In 1996 he accepted a job as production manager for E-Loan(opens in new window), combining his interest in real estate finance and technology. He spent almost 9 years with E-Loan before accepting a job as loan manager for Financial center Credit Union in late 2010. Daniel has worked for HomeLight since 2012.  

Portrait of Daniel Stubo