Department of Economics

Danielle Gothier

  • Graduated: 2005
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship

Danielle Gothier, who graduated with a BA in Economics and a concentration in International in 2005, is team lead for the CORE Group(opens in new window), Inc. in San Francisco.  She also has a minor in Asian Studies.  After graduation Danielle worked as general manager for Teaz Me Tea in Chico, San Francisco, and Roseville, California where she “became extremely proficient in cost effective ordering, inventory control, and labor management,” according to her Danielle's LinkedIn(opens in new window) page. 

In 2008 Danielle moved on to Idea One Media, a digital marketing agency for builders and developers, as project manager in San Francisco.  After a year and one-half with Idea One Media, Danielle accepted a position as marketing and production manager for Top Doc America.  A year later in 2010 Danielle went to work with the Core Group(opens in new window), a commercial general contractor in San Francisco as a team leader.  (Last Updated 11/6/18)

Portrait of Danielle Gothier