Department of Economics

Darrin Adams

  • Graduated: 1987
  • Field: Technology

Darrin Adams(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1987, is product marketing manager for Fujitsu(opens in new window) Computer Products of America. He earned his MA degree in English Language and Literature from San Francisco State in 1993.  Darrin worked for Open TV(opens in new window) as director of technical marketing from 1999 to 2001 when he moved on to Fujitsu as product marketing manager.

As product manager Darrin is responsible for outbound messaging and marketing programs for what Darrin describes as “the world’s most popular document scanner line.” One of the keys to this position is to make powerful technologies both easy to understand and easy to sell. In addition to presenting and messaging, he captures feature requirements for hardware, does competitive analysis, develops software, and works closely with our business development team for partnership opportunities.

In a recent email he stated, “My Economics degree helped me understand and look at complex business and technical systems. At Chico, I learned critical thinking and how to look at a problem from more than just a dollar-now perspective. There are hidden values, benefits, and even pitfalls to everything we do which are not always apparent in the short term. While I did graduate work and San Francisco State and Temple University, I personal found the non-commuter atmosphere of Chico to be one of the best learning and social environments I have ever had.”  (Last Updated 6/7/18)

Portrait of Darrin Adams