Department of Economics

David Downs

  • Graduated: 1993
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship

David Downs(opens in new window), graduated with a BA in Economics in 1983.  David worked for 17 years at GBC(opens in new window), in the digital printing and finishing Industry, primarily in sales management.  He has been in the Dallas area for the last 20 years, managing sales teams throughout the Midwest and South. He has found tremendous success in the past 25 years managing field sales organizations; on three separate occasions, David has been honored with the prestigious title as the top manager in the nation. 

His commitment to win and do the right thing has been contagious within his group of peers/direct reports and has helped his leadership role at ASI.  ASI is a division of Xerox.

“Economics gave me a fantastic foundation for business as I am working with many different types of industries on a daily basis.  The ability to quickly understand the customer and their business challenges is paramount in today’s environment.  (Last Updated 1/11/2017)

Portrait of David Downs