Department of Economics

David Olit

  • Graduated: 2010
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship

David Olit(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2010, owns and manages 5 Star Nutrition(opens in new window) in East Peoria, Illinois. “I’m already working on opening store #2 and #3 in Illinois! We are growing fast!” he stated in a recent email.

Until recently he worked for Preferred Freezer Services in their Los Angeles, California headquarters. “Preferred Freezer warehouses and distributes frozen food; it is responsible for 70% of the frozen seafood in the United States,” David stated.  As a sales manager, David worked as a partner with the general manager of the facility and ran the entire profit and loss statement.  He was responsible for all sales, as well as managing the entire office (customer service people, human resources, office administrator and office manager).  David priced Preferred Freezer Services based on demand and supply conditions.

"The knowledge I have gained from earning an economics degree has been extremely useful in my career.  I constantly need to forecast the demand for our products and services based on the market and use specific pricing techniques to maximize my profit while keeping my variable costs down. This job is a daily economics course in which I'm learning every day.  I am extremely grateful for everything I have learned at Chico State.  It has helped shape me into the manager I am today.   I am especially grateful for the help Professor Tsournos gave me.  He was the best teacher I ever had!" (Last Updated 6/24/14)

Portrait of David Olit